Fullvision CCTV Camera Systems that are Building a New Secure Era with IP and AHD

Fullvision CCTV has experienced aggressive growth over the last few years. Due to its national customer recognition of organizational excellence, marketing endeavours, technological advancement, innovative quality products, and exceptional service.

Our charter is to source high quality cost effective CCTV products to meet today’s stringent requirements.

Fullvision Systems is staffed with highly trained, experienced, and creative individuals specializing in the development and sourcing of high performance CCTV solutions.

What We Do

By integrating the horizontal and vertical markets, supported by upstream and downstream firms, Fullvision is able to provide you with complete solution for all or your CCTV requirements, i.e. Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders, High Speed Dome Cameras, Day/Night Cameras, IR Cameras, Low Light Colour Cameras, and DSP Cameras into the 21ST century.

The Fullvision range of IP Camera’s and AHD Camera’s Camera Systems have been installed by certified CCTV installers at the follow site:

Fullvision CCTV installed at SinoSteel  Fullvision CCTV installed at Debonairs Pizza  Fullvision CCTV installed at Engen  Fullvision CCTV installed at Hamleys  Fullvision CCTV installed at Hinterland  Fullvision CCTV installed at Mcdonalds  Fullvision CCTV installed at Obaro  Fullvision CCTV installed at Pick n Pay  Fullvision CCTV installed at Fullvision CCTV installed at Spar  Fullvision CCTV installed at Liquor City  Fullvision CCTV installed at Transfrig







Future Business Goals

Fullvision CCTV Released the Tribrid Series High Performance 4, 8, 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder.

User friendly, and designed to record images more efficiently and clearly. The Tribrid Series supports analogue video, analogue High Definition (AHD) video and IP Video channels.

Video, Audio, and Text Event-Logs are digitized and stored on two internal hard-drives. Using an advanced MPEG-4 technology, average file size is 3-5KB while still maintaining clarity high enough for facial-recognition.

Due to our advanced MPEG-4, the Tribrid processes analogue video into crisp, clear, and court-admissible pictures that are up to 500% smaller than comparable JPEG images. With this efficiency, Tribrid easily records video and audio over 30 days on 4 TB hard disks when recording 16 channels at the speed of 15ips per channel (with image of Standard Quality).

Setting-up Tribrid series is as easy as setting up a VCR. The Tribrid DVR starts to record as soon as power is supplied and CCTV cameras are connected. The Tribrid offers an easy setup with hand hold remote control, as well as advanced menus. With Quick Setup, the Tribrid can be setup and begin recording in as little as 5 minutes. The default settings offer quality and efficiency without the hassle of confusing menus.

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